Ways An Independent Broker Dealer Can Help You Grow Your Practice

February 9, 2022

Whether you are a new advisor or a seasoned veteran, you’ve likely spent a lot of time thinking about how best to grow your business. 

You’ve built a portfolio of clients and have successfully built up these accounts over months, years, or decades. But, upon looking at ways to build on this success for the future, do you find yourself being limited in your current space? Is it time to move on?

When looking at where you want to move next, here are some things to consider and ways a premium, independent broker dealer can help you grow your current practice. 

Up-to-date technology, platforms

In order to be competitive, your business needs to stay up-to-date with the best technology on the market. Many firms within the brokerage, banking, trust and independent investment advisor business models offer standard wealth management platforms.

There have been advancements in technology that allow independent investors to trade at the same level as large brokerage firms. So, it’s important when you start looking to make a transition to a customer-centered, independent firm, they highlight the types of advisor tools they can provide you. 

Offer different investments

You have become accustomed to doing business a certain way at your current firm, but if you are looking to get back your autonomy and efficiency, and be a part of a more collaborative culture, then a premium, independent broker-dealer is the natural place to look next.

Today, most broker-dealers implement requirements that restrict you from delivering the best services to your clients. 

Arkadios can help bring your clients alternative investments they wouldn’t get from your average firm. By gaining access to our premium platform, we can help you grow your client’s business by offering services tailored to your and your clients’ needs.

Service and support

Think about your current firm for a second. Are you getting everything you need? It’s important as you look to transition to a broker-dealer firm that offers the sort of white-glove service your  clients need and deserve that you consider the level of support you are getting. 

As an advisor, you should feel confident in relying on your broker-dealer firm as a one-stop-shop for anything you need to grow your business. If you’re finding yourself growing tired of limited solutions, the same cookie-cutter investments, or a lack of support, we’d love to talk about transitioning you to Arkadios. You can learn more about us here or reach out to us to start a conversation here.